Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing has become a highly competitive and highly specialised area of marketing.

Effective web marketers have a proactive approach and are familiar with search engines, landing pages, conversion tracking and optimisation, pay per click advertising, email lists, affiliate marketing and promotion, article marketing and more.

Web marketers also need to understand conventional marketing techniques, and understand how web marketing fits into a conventional marketing mix.

VDP Websites has experience creating and managing marketing campaigns for all sorts of businesses, from online shops and affiliate websites to tourist attractions and professional services.

Internet Marketing Strategy

Setting Specific, Measuarable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound (SMART) goals for your website

Our internet marketing services are for companies that want to drastically increase the performance and the results of their website. With this service we help to create goals for your website, and then work towards them on a monthly basis.

Some of the things we do to achieve your websites goals are:

Website updates: Keeping your website fresh, up to date and relevant for your customers is important. Research has shown that some visitors think that a business that continually updates it's website is more likely to offer good service than one that has an old and stale website.

Website Optimisations: Through testing and analytics, we identify bottlenecks in your site and remove them. We've found that conversion rate optimisation in competitive industries often has a better return on investment than search engine optimisation.

Search Engine Optimisation: We perform research on your site, your competition and your search engine ranks to come up with an optimal strategy to increase your return from search engines.

AdWords Advertising: AdWords is the best way to drive qualified traffic to your site quickly. Within half an hour of setting it up, you can be showing up on the front page of Google. As a Google certified professional, we test, tweak and optimise your AdWords account to be the most profitable it possibly can be.

Email Marketing: Email marketing is the most cost effective way of keeping in touch with your customer base. We can help by designing a newsletter, and by sending your newsletter out on a monthly basis.

Copywriting: The difference between a badly written page and a well written page can make a huge difference. Good copy can easily double, triple and even quadruple the response you get from your website.

Social Marketing: Facebook and similar sites are rapidly growing in popularity. We can help you position your business and communicate with your customers by leveraging social media websites.

Search Engine Optimisation

How much is a search engine ranking worth?

Let's start with a small example.

One of our clients runs a motel in an averaged size country town. She gets anywhere from 50-150 visits a month, mostly from search engines.

Now when someone searches for a motel, they are usually in buy mode, so we could expect that maybe 10% of those visitors book a room. However, lets assume a more conservative conversion rate of 5%.

So 100 website visitors, 5 of them book a room. Say the average booking is $100.

Thats $6,000/year in sales.

That's not bad for an average motel!

Now let's have a look at another of our clients.

This client is in the tourism industry, and gets about 1500 visits a month from having high search engine ranks.

We've worked with this client closely, and can track the conversion rate to be about 2%. We also know that the average sale is about $650.

So 1500 visitors, 2% of them become buyers. That's 30 sales per month. Thats $19,500 in sales per month.

That's $234,000 in sales per year.

We can provide the same results for you.

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