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Web Design is the process of designing and building a website. While there are a lot of companies that do web design, there aren't a lot of companies that understand how web design fits into the overall web marketing mix.

VDP Websites is a Shepparton based business that understands how to utilise web design effectively to meet your marketing goals.

VDP Web Design has a range of services to establish a new web presence, or improve an existing web presence.

All of our websites are custom designed to suit your needs. From small 4 page websites to fully developed custom solutions.

Why VDP Websites?

VDP Websites are a young team of enthusiastic professionals. Here are some of our acheivements.

  • Working closely with a multi million dollar tourist attraction, we increased sales by 40% in one year.
  • We have experience building, marketing, and managing a portfolio of our own very successful websites, so we know what makes a website deliver.
  • We have continually delivered high search engine rankings for our clients.
  • We have done hundreds of hours of research in the web design industry. The solutions we recommend are based on fact - not opinion.
  • Most importantly, we have spent three years in business delighting our clients.

Our 100% Guarantee

VDP Websites is different from other web design companies.

All of our work comes with a 100% guarantee.

If you are not happy with the website we have built, we will completely refund you!


It takes the risk of building a website away from you, and places it in our hands... the way it should be!

Web design case study

Summer Haven was using a listing on a third party accomodation website to drive bookings for a cosy holiday house located in one of Victoria's most popular tourist destinations. The listing was expensive, and also charged a fee for every booking that was made.

VDP Websites was brought in to design a professional website that would fit with the current business imagery and drive extra bookings.

Within months of the website going live, the website had fully paid for itself in savings from comission fees.

On top of those savings, the website was generating new bookings for our client!

Here is a picture of the website we designed. It's simple, stylish, and effective.

Image of Summer Haven Website

"VDP Web Design has surpassed my expectations - Luke created a professional website design that fits perfectly with my image. Already I have seen fantastic results from the website, and it has paid for itself within months. The service was both friendly and customer-focused, and Luke was more than happy to accommodate all changes and requests. I would recommend VDP Websites to anyone considering a website for their business."

Karen, Summer Haven.

We can provide the same results for you. Contact us to get started.

You can view some of our other work in our portfolio.

Our Approach to Web Design

Unlike most other web design companies, VDP Websites understands that websites are built to meet needs.

We customise our solutions for your business.

This is the approach we take.

Our first goal is to understand your business. We visit you, or you can come and visit us. We ask you lots of questions and find out about your business.

We ask you about your marketing.

We ask you about your customers.

We ask you about your goals.

We ask you about your current website.

We ask you questions untill we have a good understanding of your business, and what it needs.

From there, we go about research to understand your customers.

We research what your customers search for. We find out how they use websites, what "clicks their buttons".

Once we have an understanding of your business and your customers, we draw on our experience to come up with a solution.

The solution we provide is always a solution tailored specifically to the needs we identify.

The solution we provide will give you a unique website unlike any other... the way it should be!

Price Range

Every website is different and it's impossible to give an accurate estimation without first talking to you.

However we can give you a ballpark figure. We design websites with a price range starting at roughly $1,500, going to about $5,000 for ecommerce solutions, and currently up to a maximum project size of roughly $25,000.

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So whether you're a small business in Shepparton, or a company with international customers, VDP Websites can create an effective website for you.

Contact us now to discuss the requirements for your website.